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Computer Diagnostics

At Schema’s Auto Service & Sales in Faribault, we have the factory diagnostic equipment.  That means we can find your car or truck problems easily to correct them.  


We service Ford F250, F350 Powerstroke, Dodge Ram Cummins, SUV's, Compact Cars and trucks.  So we have the experience to find the issue and fix it quickly.  Even if you are seeing your lights go on and off or the service engine light does not stay on all the time, that could still mean a technical issue that needs repair.  With advanced technology in vehicles, it is better to have it looked at than to risk your safety on the road.  


 to accurately pinpoint and diagnose your vehicle’s problem(s). In some cases past experience allows us to easily locate and correct vehicle issues; but in some cases vehicle problems are intermittent, appearing and disappearing at unexplained times. Fortunately, with the use of sophisticated computer diagnostics, we can diagnose irregular issues in even the most technologically advanced vehicle systems.

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