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Exhaust Services

Let Us Make it Sound Good... Complete Exhaust Services

Is your ride rumbling and hissing? Can you smell exhaust fumes? Want to add dual exhaust? Whether you need repair or customization, whether you drive a family sedan or a power packed diesel truck, our factory trained tech can provide the complete exhaust services you need and want.

Schema's Auto Service... Your Trusted Exhaust Shop

  • Leak Detection

  • Full Service Exhaust Repair

  • Custom Pipe Bending

  • Muffler Replacement

  • Custom Dual Exhaust

  • Installation Services


From the engine block to the tailpipe, we've got you covered. We can diagnose, repair, and upgrade any part of your vehicle's exhaust system. Our Faribault, MN auto shop is equipped to handle all vehicle types when it comes to exhaust services. We operate with multiple lifts for easy system access; we possess our own pipe bending machine for custom repairs and upgrades; and we have access to high quality new and used replacement auto parts.

Whether you just need an exhaust tune-up or an in-depth repair, turn to a trusted exhaust shop. Turn to Schema's Auto Service. 



When is it Time for an Exhaust Check?

  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency — Lower MPGs can be a symptom for a variety of issues, but an exhaust leak is one of the more common reasons. When you find that you're spending more time at the pump, it's time to head to Schema's Auto Service.

  • Vibrations — Steering wheel or gas pedal vibrations – sometimes whole car shake – aren't always a sign of poor wheel alignment; they can also be a sign of an exhaust leak. You can also bet that those vibrations are hindering your MPGs; not to mention they hinder your ability to properly control your vehicle. For the safety of all the drivers around you, and yourself, a professional exhaust repair is a must.

  • Increased Engine Noise — Loud rumblings from under the hood are always a bad sign, and often indicated an exhaust leak at the exhaust manifold. An exhaust leak can occur anywhere along the exhaust system, but at the manifold is when they are the most harmful. Your exhaust system's job is to route harmful fumes away from the engine and passenger cabin, as well as to reduce engine noise. When a leak occurs in the system it can potentially lead to fumes making their way into the vehicle, but this is especially true when leaks occur at the exhaust manifold. Other noises indicating an exhaust leak include hissing and popping coming from the underside of your ride. Don't drown out those engine rumblings by cranking up the radio — your vehicle is trying to tell you something.

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